Records of the President’s Office

Records of the President’s Office was a class-wide group project completed during my Management of Archives course at Pratt Institute, split into five groups to process and arrange different boxes from the Records of the President’s Office collection at Pratt Institute. Each box was to be processed and arranged, and we were to come up with the level of granularity, organization, and description using a critical archival lens.
Items from Box 70

Box 70 contained real estate documents consisting of deeds, appraisals, and city block surveys, as well as correlating correspondence. The box was partially made up of documents labeled with the tax borough-block number and partially made up of documents labeled with the address of the real estate property.


I researched the New York City Borough-Block-Lot database and Digital Tax Map, and the Pratt Institute Archives to best understand how to group documents. My group inventoried, arranged, and refoldered “Series 4: Real Estate” of the Records of the President’s Office.
Research Materials

While refoldering, we devised multiple refoldering plans before deciding to archive at folder-level and organize them by address and block number. Some outliers to were Deed Charles M. Pratt et al. Blocks 1907 1909 1921 1922 1923, Deed Blocks 1918 Lots 1, 50, 100 & 1919 Lots 1, 2, and the Agreement for Use of Armory: 357 Sumner Ave, which were archived at item-level because they spanned multiple blocks or were not tax-related. 
Research Materials

After arranging and refoldering, the materials were archived in ArchivesSpace. Here you will find the finding aid, of which my contributions span from pages 16 to 22.